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Encounters Festival & Performing Gender

Sergio and Hannah will bring some of their Performing Gender work through a 2 day workshop during the 2019 Encounters mini festival in Leeds.

Encounters is a two-days festival exploring gender identity organised in Leeds by our partner Yorkshire Dance. From 27th to 29th June 2019 they're going to reach out to a wider group of people, including families, in the investigation of gender diversity through dance, whilst celebrating the experiences of Trans and non-binary artists. Performing Gender project experience has for sure driven important reflections and questions towards this edition:

  • Who does it affect and how and who is talking and/or dancing about it?
  • How does our experience of gender rub up against that of class and ethnicity?
  • And… how does dance make a difference?
  • Is it only people in the LGBTQI+ communities who are interested in this topic or does it affect us all? 

Hannah Buckley and Sergio Martinez will continue to work together on this occasion, proposing a two-days intense workshop to share elements of the Madrid workshop and their research!
Taking inspiration from nature and the idea of transformation Hannah and Sergio will offer metaphors and imagery as starting points to explore how a fluid identity can express itself and if it’s possible to transcend gender.

The workshop is both a collective experience and also a space for people to bring their own individual perspective, understanding and questions in relation to gender.

"Does Dance Make A Difference When Performing Gender?" an open conversation 28th June at 5.15 pm

During the festival there will be also the opportunity to talk about dance & gender: different perspectives in relation to the personal research, creations, experiences or practices developed by artists during the 2 year Performing Gender project.  Facilitated by Joseph Mercier, artists Hannah Buckley, Sophie Unwin, dramaturgs Sergio Martinez and Tanya Steinhauser will be joined by others to talk about the exploration of gender within their artistic practices.

For additional information about Encounters Festival and to take part in the workshop please read more on the Yorkshire Dance website